¿Finiquito a la Liga?

31 Ene 2016

Ayer, el Barcelona dio un fuerte puñetazo encima de la mesa, eso es indudable. El Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid era el partido ideal para medir las posibilidades de los culés de alejarse del resto de rivales y de los colchoneros de ser firmes candidatos al título. Al final, la bola cayó del lado azulgrana y la gran pregunta es: ¿está sentenciada la Liga en enero?

Rakitic y Koke en el Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid de Liga 2015-16

Ojalá que no, pero un Barcelona ‘mortal’ venció a un Atlético al cual, incluso en un once contra nueve, no logró doblegar. ¿Qué más hay que hacer? Habría que ponerse en el pellejo de Simeone y Zidane para saber cuál es su esperanza de cara al título. Quizá piensen que al Barcelona aún le queda pasar por el mes de febrero, otrora mes maldito para los culés, y en mitad de todo está el Valencia en Copa, ¡y vuelve la Champions! Pero la Copa de Europa vuelve para todos, ¿y en qué centrarán sus esfuerzos los equipos madrileños si siguen tropezando en liga? Perdida la Copa, la Champions es el objetivo.

El Barcelona actual no atemoriza a rivales que le pueden mirar a la cara. De hecho, casi cabe pensar que Juventus y Bayern Múnich están mucho más fuertes a estas alturas (el que salga de ese cruce de octavos es automáticamente favorito frente a los españoles). Pero la diferencia con el resto de equipos de la Liga es tan grande que el Barcelona se puede permitir errores, sobre todo si el Atleti flojea por las bajas y el Madrid se sigue dejando puntos en partidos a priori fáciles. Está por ver si la jugada de Florentino sobre Zinedine I ‘El Ilusionante‘ sale cara o cruz.

En fin, que sería justicia poética que al Barcelona se le hiciera larga la temporada y cayera en Champions incluso con la Liga ganada, mientras que Atleti y Madrid se precipitan a la reedición de la final de 2014. Desde luego, si hay dos técnicos y dos equipos capaces de culminar así la temporada son Simeone, Zidane, Atlético y Real Madrid.


  1. […] Ayer fue el segundo partido a domicilio del Real Madrid desde que Zinedine Zidane llegó al banquillo. Esta vez, la visita era a Los Cármenes, estadio del Granada. El duelo, a priori, se presentaba fácil, pero si no llega a ser porque Luka Modric rompe todos los esquemas y se echa el equipo a la espalda, el Madrid estaría hoy dos puntos más lejos del Barcelona. […]

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    • Effectivement, j’ai été surpris et j’ai vérifié aussi. C’est vraiment tout louche cette homonymie, mais bien rigolo.Par ailleurs, j’ignorais que Yannick pouvait également servir de prénom féminin.

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    • Jag har alltid velat testa nÃ¥gon av Make Up Stores produkter men dÃ¥ jag varken pluggar eller har haft turen att hitta nÃ¥got jobb, räcker eknomin helt enkelt inte till. Jag skulle mer än gärna vilja vinna mascaran :)

    • Hi, I’m that atheist guy. I posted a reply to Linda’s blog already. I’m out here, just mostly lurking. I’m enjoying your comics, and I especially like your comments here and elsewhere. Keep up the good work!I think that’s the Nova Usagi! Yes, English teachers in Japan would find the first panel funny on a whole other level…

    • Non ho cambiato idea su Apple e le sue politiche capestro.Semplicemente, se oggi vuoi comprare un tablet, l'alternativa sono quelli basati su Android, che, se proprio devo ricorrere a un'imitazione di qualcos'altro, preferisco astenermi.E poi, naturalmente, c'è Surface. O meglio, ci sarebbe, perché non solo non è ancora in commercio, ma nessuno si è curato di dirci quando lo sarà. Ed è un vero peccato, perché sembra davvero un ottimo prodotto. Uso Windows Phone da tre mesi ormai, e ne sono soddisfatto: ok, il telefono è già in assistenza, ma diciamo che la colpa è di Nokia, non di MIcrosoft. ;)

    • Les 4 mots « ich bin ein Berlioner » ne sont pas un constat. Ca fait juste partie d’une phrase plus long avec un autre sense.

    • This comment is hidden to you.Hi Aimee,Nearly there, and I’m sorry about the HUGE delay. A lesson learnt for me on this one.Yeeees. I can sort you out something for free. How about I get a new plugin developed to go with it? I have some thoughts – leave it with me. -Frank  •    •  This comment is hidden to all users except to its author!

    • There is no institution, least of all the Israeli Supreme Court, that is not skewed by the colonial occupation. It is just like torture had nothing to do with so-called “terrorism,” neither did the piece is titled, “The Israeli model for detainee rights,” and touts Israeli measures developed “during a long and difficult experience with terrorism.” – also had nothing to do with terrorism, it had everything to do with a murderous long standing illegal colonial occupation. These are just the plain facts, and anyone who denies it is not duped or insane, they are consummate interested liars.

    • Ireland has alot of pubs . . . hee hee! No, I don’t mean to imply they are drunkars; pubs are quite social places, I imagine the conviviality and being able to vent and stuff is helpful.Somehow it was rather satisfying to see France at the top of the list; yeah, knee jerk reaction to their disdain for us, but hey.

    • cristiane disse:tenho ocabelo muito seco loiro e com mexas e não tenho dinheiro para comprar produtos caros o que devo usar.e se esse tratamento para o cabelo só tem no rio? obrigada

    • Mark Godacre: I send you a report of this research in 2003 and you say me that it was very interesting but you was very ocupated in your work.Please reveu your e-mails.

    • The verse gave a morning smile . . . the fact you speak such fluent Scrapperish turned that into a laugh . . . and that beautiful twilight left a warm feeling, Miss C ! Thanks !!

    • Caro Nuno Bento,então estamos de acordo! eu também defendo q a antiguidade deva ser premiada, só acho injusto que um sócio que tenha tido a felicidade de ter sido feito sócio à nascença, quando pague a sua primeira quota já tenha mais votos que tu que já lá gastaste bom dinehiro e que também és benfiquista desde sempre, percebes?se calhar expliquei-me mal…um abraço

    • Je mange des cookies Laura Todd depuis plus de vingt ans en parisienne que je suis (putain je suis vieille en fait) et c’est toujours le même plaisir. Il faut que je regarde la recette de plus près et que je la compare à celle que Faraway trends avait mise sur son blog qui etait sensée être celle officielle : je ne fais que ces cookies à présent, ils sont (presque) aussi bon (tout est dand la cuisson en fait..) que les vrais (super succès auprès des potes !)

    • Look, if you're a farmer in ND, and you wake up one day and start getting royalty checks for a couple of hundred barrels of oil/day, life just got a lot sweeter. But, keep in mind, this will, basically, replace the Prudhoe Bay oil that will be shut in when production slips below the MOL for keeping the pipeline operating.But, if you're a world looking at a global decline from existing wells somewhere in the 3.5 to 4.0 Million Barrels/Day range, every year, it's pretty small taters.

    • Good post…but sad story. Yeah it has gotten out of hand. I have friends that are gay/lesbian and people constantly constantly are judging them and sometime even ME when I’m around them!go.

    • Looking forward to teading your module placement philosophisin’. I’m a few months into building a eurorack system – currently about 15u – and it is driving me crazy … BTW Your system looks wonderful … But you know that already

    • « Il faut bien reconnaître que la Hongrie n’est pas plus slave que la Roumanie. -Ramiel 27 août 2007 à 18:36″ Mais l’est elle moins ?

    • Je beweert hiermee dat er mensen zijn die dagelijks 174 Marsen kunnen eten en er 168 van kunnen ontlasten, zonder er energie aan te onttrekken? Kom op zeg, niemand, maar dan ook niemand krijgt het voor elkaar om zulke hoeveelheden voedsel te verorberen! Het lijkt me inmiddels meer dan duidelijk dat je poep praat…

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    • The Chief Constable of norfolk police Phil Gormley,and his batman Howard Olby are taking part in Sandringham 2012 event today, they're in the mens 1 team, today is yom kippur I believe.

    • Ellen!! Fargeleggingen din er berre rååå!! Du tar pusten av meg kvar gong ;) Detta korte va berre kjempe nydelig!! Takk for at du deltar hjÃ¥ oss i Mo`s denne veka :) Klem Tine

    • That's a very good point you brought up. Especially considering that here in Tennessee Ford carried 48% of the white vote in a state where the black population is less than 20%.

    • Karoliina, en minäkään ole kertaakaan lotonnut, mutta se ei estä haaveilemasta ja suunnnittelemasta. Niin kauan kuin on haaveita, on elämää… Mutta minullekin todennäköisempi skenaario on siis tuo yllättävän perinnön saaminen – ja todella yllättävä se olisikin. ;)

    • Dvanw, petite question indiscrète, mais qui me revient souvent quand je pense à vous,étant donné que vous êtes un médiateur d'art visuel, êtes-vous gaucher ?

    • only 3% of abortions are done to save the mother. What about the other 97%? These other 97% of abortions represent millions of babies who have been killed mostly for convenience. There lives are worthy of discussion and a commercial.

    • Hiya! Fantastic blog! I happen to be a daily visitor to your site (somewhat more like addict ) of this website. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blogs and am looking forward for more!

    • 12/11/2012 – 12:55amSinceramente, no lo veo así: pienso que ese tipo de comparaciones buscan más que nada aumentar públicamente los méritos del Madrid en detrimento del Barça en ese cansino debate sobre qué estilo es mejor. Prueba de ello es que ese tipo de apuntes vienen de un mismo lado. Y desde la prensa de Madrid es una estrategia frecuente.Y ojo, que la victoria del Madrid hoy tiene su mérito claro que sí, no es fácil ganar en unas condiciones como las de hoy.

    • ANGES CLAUDE MANFOUMBI dit :En effet je suis d’accord du fait que certains agents des entreprises de téléphonies mobile sont souvent de mèche avec des escrocs …Air tel devient un réseau non fiable …

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    • Wow, this is great. I was literally, just now just trying to add all the slide show and caption stuff. This makes my day. I’m looking forward to testing it out.

    • Pois é, Ico, veja só. Você já passou Hamilton na pista. Eu, por outro lado, empato com ninguém menos que o Messi em gols marcados em Copas do Mundo…

    • "比本地生有較佳的表達能力"come on.one should never forget that hong kong students who speak cantonese are forced to write in mandarin; and they are brain-washed into thinking that writing cantonese is improper and even "wrong".you probably know where the real expressiveness of hong kong lie.

    • Una altra recepta espectacular!! Quina combinació més original; tenc una carbassa que em mira cada vegada que l’obro la gelera i mandarines…o sigui que la provaré segur! Sort al concurs. Un petó, guapa. Paula

    • Mandi scrive:ti dirò che sono molto triste per questa notizia, davvero… spero che lo Spirito guidi i cardinali alla nomina di un papa ancora migliore!

    • Great review, JJ. I have to dust this one off and watch it again. I haven’t seen it since the ’97 Simitar version. BTW, lo wei didn’t direct this; at least according to Hong Kong cinemagic (and that’s one site I trust). But heck, no need to change this or any of the other reviews. I’m sure Lo Wei had enough to do with it since it was under his film company.

    • What a wonderful sofa! Love it! Like most commenters, I'd go with the dark charcoal grey. You like to use black and white so the grey would bring a nice contrast similar to black. Maybe get a throw or pillows with the blue color of the rug and/or bring out the blue color from one of your paintings. Also, what are you doing for curtains? Will they be black or white or something else? Perhaps the blue from the rug could be in the curtains/drapes. Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful! Your places always are.

    • La_Mer_Qu’on_Voit_Danser | le 21 février 2007 à 16:12Primo : c’est trop fastocheDeuxio : c’est pô juste, pasque Aquinze il est devant son ordi au bon moment et pas moiTertio : et j’ai même pu de chocogrenouilles ! Zerb si elle décide de rejoindre les Bene Gesserit, non merci Aquinze, j’ai déjà donné, je préfère encore me passer de chocolats !!!

    • The only way my crop this year after the wet spring will be a bumper is if the brakes go out on the truck as I pull it up to the bin to unload.On the other hand, I consider myself fortunate this year to have any crop to take off. The farmers to the west of me are not turning a wheel this fall because they never had an opportunity to get seed into the ground.

    • Keskittyminen – ei siis liian paksu, kauniit isot kuvat ja selailun perusteella vielä selkeät ohjeet, joista heti kokeilisi mielellään paria. Suomalaisuus tai edes pohjoismaisuus on valttia, koska raaka-aineiden käyttö vuodenaikojen mukana on silloin usein vahvassa roolissa.- Ninna

    • Most of the fundie Protestants believe in some derivative or other of Calvinism and predestination and the Elect and the Damned. They are modern versions of my Pilgrim and Puritan Maffachufetts ancestors. As a Catholic, of course, I believe also that we are born with free will and make of it what we will. This leads to some really hard questions, though, which people still have trouble with, depending on the circumstances.  OFD

    • Hola César, pues también es buena opción los de led en la punta, aunque estos quedan más “clásicos”. Espero rodar pronto pues ando impaciente. La instalación eléctrica me está retrasando bastante pues no encuentro a nadie que venga de contínuo y la finalice pues yo no tengo ni idea. ¿Tu has podido avanzar? Un saludo!!

    • Angels kick ass for one!!! When you think of angels you think of heavenly creatures who can do no wrong but fallen angels are dark,a little mysterious and awesomely naughty. I totally prefer to read about fallen angels lately because frankly I’m tired of reading the same old stuff about vamps and shapeshifters. Love your books. Just got done with the Deadly series and loved them

    • why not let us decide cats? start with a few gnrl ones and then let us vote new cats….Or let us see avid and after we place it in a cat…LIVE CATS??

    • How exciting that you have new bird visitors! Your sparrows are much more interesting than the ones we have here. Ours are just plain old brown. I hope your birds help you out by eating some of the bad bugs in your garden.

    • Oui, il faut que les régions se bougent plus, c’est plus facile maintenant avec internet, plus on sera nombreux en régions et plus y aura de quoi concurrencer paris dans cet écosystème

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    • I counted 27 reps, which would have made him as strong as a lineman when I played college ball in the 80′s and 90′s….and he is about 40-50 lbs lighter than the bigger lineman then, impressive stuff.

    • Fico PERPLEXO com um reaccionário fascista como tu. E obrigado por mais uma vez me citares ó puto reaça !!!!! Quanto ao teu discursozinho é digno do Pinochet…..mais palavras para quê ??

    • I think the gender differentiation thing is very true. Look at toys. When I was a kid, legos were legos–now the “girl” legos are clearly differentiated. Walk down a toy store aisle and find anything that isn’t pink with flowers or black with weapons. I have no idea how it will play out when they grow up, but I do think today’s children are being raised with far more drastic gender differentiation than most of us grew up with.

    • Tiina: Kiitti!lahtiska: Kiitti! Oli hyvä kuvaaja!Uuva: Kiitos:)Hanna: Nälkä yleensä kasvaa syödessä myös näissä asioissa;)Anonyymi: Meidän tytön vaatteet on samassa vaatehuoneessa minun kanssani, ne ovat muuramen lipastossa. Mekkoja roikkuu myös hänen huoneensa seinällä.Miespuolisten pienempi vaatehuone on tehty vanhaan kylmähuoneeseen. He eivät tarvitse niin paljoa tilaa, mutta ne kuitenkin sijaitsevat lähes vieretysten, joten pyykkihuolto pelaa helposti.

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    • Høres ut som dere har hatt en herlig pÃ¥ske.. nydelige bilder.. deilig med sol.. vi fikk to dager med soll og er fornøyd med pÃ¥sken..Ser virkelig godt ut med vafler og brunost..mmmØnsker deg en fin uke.:Klem Kerstin

    • I think this is a great feature, but the 6 hrs thing is kind of under-exaggerated.I clicked on the "Edit your video" link to change the the thumbnail on my 2nd newset video, and it took FIVE DAYSI'm not mad about it, but dont say 6 hrs, when indeed it will take much longer.

    • i agree with u, i also think the same but what can we do…. but we will always support them & love them, they are the best couple in WGMWooJung Forever………..Love EunJung & JangWoo Forever

    • Draft Express tweeted that Alabi has a Hepatitis B issue. Which means he has it, he had it and has gotten over it, or he’s a carrier with no symptoms. That red flag sent him from the 15-25 range all the way down to 50.

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    • Good job sister. I half-assed all these things with my ONE child. Eh it’s all good. Some crunch is good enough I say. Some say we r saints for not beating them while we smoke crack so put that in your pipe ya hippy.

    • Acredites ou não, João, do caos de Frankfurt, estive para te enviar um sms a festejar o glorioso (soubemos lago da vitória, claro…). Mas imaginei-te aos gritos, aqui debaixo da minha janela, e pensei que nem ouvirias o clique da mensagem. E eu lá tão longe…

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    • producer Andrew alias Samoyed. If you want to know a little more about this guy check out this teshcast interview + podcast, which was made back in January. You can also find more material of his on

    • I agree. I just think that they shouldn’t be purposefully trying to start a fight. They ask things like “Problem” merely to start an argument. I do see where you’re coming from though. She would understand why. I just don’t think she would? appreciate it.

    • David,Thanks for your thoughts. I didn’t mean to imply that ‘ignorance’ was the main problem either for Orthodox or Calvinists — I agree that neither think this (for which I am glad, as that would make them Gnostics).The question seems to be, from your viewpoint, one of the Calvinist concept of “common grace.” I’m curious to see how the Orthodox folks respond to this — is “common grace” a category in their thought? I’m beginning to see that the strong Pneumatology of the Orthodox fills that role, but in a much more personal way.Russ

    • This is bullshit. The “Millennial” in this video is completely ridiculous. I think that these seniors should stop trying to categorize an entire generation this early in the game. We’ve hardly had time to make our mark on society. And the things we are accused of are ridiculous. Just? STOP.

    • Hard to tell without any code, can you post an excerpt of where your trying to update/insert data into your template with NPOI. Have you tried an example/sample posted online? I use NPOI with templates all the time, so I know it works.

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    • good page. futuresnow down 693 merters. After the middle of Ming Dynasty, partly due to the influence of School of Mind, one that disagreed with Lixue scholars didn’t defend their theories effectively, their school of thought gradually declined.

    • Bonjour monsieur Charles,Merci pour les bons trucs que vous m’avez donné, je vais les utiliser dans mes textes. Cela complète ma technique CHAPO ou PACHO Merci Antoine

    • > Pierre Lambert« il en concluait que la puissance de travail d’un Anglais était 1600/3 fois plus grande que celle d’un Français.  »Si il s’était relu, Samuel Johnson aurait trouvé, à la page 39 de son Dictionnary, l’entrée « Bissextile » … et il serait retourné à ses mathématiques.

    • Während an eine polnische Präsenz im Ruhrpott nur noch Namen wie Koslowski, Kowalski u.ä. erinnern, wird, nach meiner Auffassung, auch in vielen Jahrzehnten und weiter noch von “Türken in Berlin” die Rede sein.Vll können die Deutschen es den Polen im Ruhrpott dann ja nachmachen.

    • team dans le Wati b il y a que des artistes de DREAMS je vous souhaite beaucoup de réussite et bien plus pour 2013 en toute sincérité merci d’avoir redonner des beat et du son moderne car ses dernière année en France c’est de la m…e mon fis et moi on vous suit depuis l’école des points vitaux avec l’apogée vous aller en direction du disque de cristal !!!

    • A voz da Adele enquanto Adele e britânica assenta tão bem com a mística do James Bond! Fiquei maravilhada, só achei um bocadinho estranho o fallsoooaaah mas como diriam eles it grows on ya don't it?

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    • Tony, You're spot on in thinking of the hips. If you look superior to the problem, (anatomy sense) you will most often find the lower parts are over compensating for weak core, knees, thighs, glutes, what have you. I'm not the kinesiology guru, but when your gait is analyzed, you might be surprised. Just remember "quack" versus "sense" when listening to medical advice from anyone…including MDs, trust me. Btw, are you still biking around town and to and from running? Does that put pressure on the shin?Best, Kevin

    • “Sooo much pathos .”It’s easy to criticize when you, Oleg, are responisble for the problems she is fighting. When you back to your own damn country and leave hers to her people, then maybe you can open your mouth. Comrade.

    • Veldig fint bilde, jeg forsøker meg for første gang her inne, hadde bare lyst til Ã¥ prøve selv om bildet ikke er sÃ¥ vakkert og klart. God Helg Ønskes:-)

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    • Tiens donc ! Je crois avoir lu une nouvelle dans ce genre il y a quelques temps. Il faut que je retrouve le lien..Télécharger dans son ordi, tu veux dire « Téléverser » ? (upload) ^^Je dis cela car les messieurs de l’académie Française font maintenant une distinction.Téléchargement Montant ou descendant.. Oui je sais c’est con… ^^

    • I’d should examine with you here. Which isn’t something I often do! I enjoy studying a post that can make folks think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to remark!

    • I just stumbled on your blog and I love it! I’m sort of getting converted into a Dawgs Fan (my bf went there), but I’m not sure this is the season to jump on the bandwagon.I would have to choose pop tarts!

    • அட,மக்குப் பன்டாரமெ, சமச்சீர் கல்வில எந்தக் குரையும் இல்லை. அதில் உல்ல கருனானிதி, கனிமொலி வரலாரும் தா தப்பா இருக்கு. அப்புரம், அம்ம குடுக்குர சமச்சீர் கல்விக்கும் , இந்த ஆலு கொன்டு வந்த சமச்சீர் கவியையும் ஒப்பிட்டு பார்த்து பெசு. அரிவில்லாதவன் எல்லம் ப்லொக் எலுதுர காலாமா பொஷு

    • Poenget er vel ganske enkelt at det er begrensa kor mange tap ein kan gÃ¥ pÃ¥ i miljøsaker, og samstundes kalle seg miljøparti ved neste valg.

    • se lia da uno di quei 400 account anonimi ed intestati a qualche nome fittizio avesse mandato la mail ad allam, questa sarebbe effettivamente partita da uno dei *destinatari* e non dal mittente. ma ci vuole tanto a capirlo?sophie

    • Hi! As a born and raised Buffalo native, I am interested in keeping up with your journey to our city.I started a blog this past fall that documents Buffalo’s historic sites and what has become of them today – one of them being the grain elevators. You may find some of the places and stories I wrote about interesting and helpful in your move.

    • Então os 30.000 Japoneses que foram nos demais jogos ficaram com medo de serem assaltados no estádio pela torcida corinthiana e não foram ao estádio?????? Por que se geralmente sempre tem 20.000 japoneses, hoje com 30.000 corinthianos no estádio (no sonho da imprensa gambá), mais os japoneses que geralmente vão ao estádio nesses jogos teriamos 50.000 pessoas no estádio….A mídia fala, e acredita quem quiser……

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    • to me when i felt like my kids were missing out because of percieved failings on my part? Take a dose of your own medicine dear sister, then you’ll know how wonderful this new life will be. Good luck, keep well and brightest blessings to ALL of you. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…… xXx

    • Hi, I came to your blog via Allyson, and I love what you have to say about taking responsibility for your own happiness. I went through a very dark couple of years in which I let a toxic work situation make me miserable…and of course that messed up all my other relationships. I give credit to my grandchildren for my new “blissed-out” state, but the truth is, it had to start with the realization of how I had contributed to the mess I was in. You have written about that in a very compelling way! All the best.

    • Heja heja .. ja grabbarna här .. de bara drar sig fortfarande pÃ¥ golvet inte kryper eller nÃ¥got ..Matilda gick när hon var 10 mÃ¥nader Kraam

    • something about how it works in the gospels – basically it tries to work out the way the people in the story are responding to what’s going on – so it goes of the crowd’s reaction to Jesus, as well as off Jesus’ reactions to the crowd, and the mood of his teaching…

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    • This was really useful Meg, I have no doubt I shall be re-referring to it once all this gets underway for me next year. I used to be a teacher but the thought of going in as a visiting writer fills me with dread. I suppose its a bit like a doctor being admitted to hospital. LOL.

    • Vix, would it be unbearably cheeky to ask you to let me know if you ever find another Gladstone type bag? Either handbag or weekend bag size. I want one so much and they all seem to cost an absolute fortune. I'm green with envy at your ability to find such amazing things for pennies!You look amazing today – the coat is absolutely perfect on you.Love the cushions too. THanks for the extra pics of them :)

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    • Aww. She looks sweet. Fostering kittens can be challenging at times, but it can also be a lot of fun!We just got a little tabby foster we named Cranberry (it being Thanksgiving and all).

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    • Sherry, thanks for this blog. I’ve been going to start a blog for the two years you’ve been writing. Guess this will nudge me over the top. I’ve held back for all the reasons you listed. Just need to have help with the set-up.My favorite blog this year is about feeding the birds.

    • I have "smaller bust". I prefer V necklines to the rounded ones. IMO V necks make my breasts look bigger, whereas rounded ones – smaller. Paradox? :) It's all about body shape (e.g., "boy shape" vs. "small bust but curvy&slim bottom" vs. "small bust and heavy bottom") not the bust only, I guess. :)

    • Seasons change – sometimes you have to close one door to get through anotherBlah,Blah,Blah….On the lighter side, at least it wasn’t a Baby Ruth floating in the water

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    • Not on this list is the Walker Baymont Inns and Suites. We’ve stayed there for the past 3 Winter Beerfests and it’s about a 10min drive from the beerfest. Rooms are ~$70…but if you play the Priceline.com game, you can get it down to $45.

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    • Thank you so much for wonderful links. I actually watched the Jason Mraz video earlier this week and shared it with all my family and friends. i think its incredibly powerful.

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    • Hehe – strÃ¥lende innlegg :) NÃ¥ gleder ogsÃ¥ meg enda mer til MGP 16. mai – og jeg som trodde jeg gledet meg max allerede. Rybakk er jo tross alt Nesodding, sÃ¥ lokale krefter mÃ¥ stÃ¥ sammen nÃ¥ :)

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    • Anna, ce tampenie din partea autoritatilor de la voi, sa nu faca ei un cinema de doamne-ajuta! Pacat! Dar uite, eu stau foarte aproape de doua mall-uri care au cinematografe ultra-moderne si tot nu ajung la film….

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    • Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

    • I am an australian citizen and got an offer to work in the US for a call center company. Is it possible to fly to the states and apply working visa when I get to the states? The company is requiring me to work asap.

    • Mirta / I am so very happy for everyone that will be able to go to David’s concert for the first time or for the 10th time. I am also very sad that I WILL NOT be able to see him perform his GLORIOUS Christmas music – once again!! Hopefully there will be more dates and closer to us FLORIDIANS!!

    • Lindaaaaa a make, como sempre Camilaaaa, estou In Love com a nova tendência ‘Color Block’queria algumas sugestões sabe, tem tão pouca informação sobre ela, não sei como usar, e queria muito a sua opinião e como usar em que ocasião, essas coisas.Vc é sempre tão estilosa, adoro seus LooksBeeijo Lindna []Camila Coelho Respondeu:July 8th, 2011 em 11:49 am, Nossa que otima ideia de post amoreee! Obrigada, vou fazer sim =) BJinhos []

    • How stereotypically Texan can you be? I’m actually afraid to put an Obama sticker on my car and park it in the garage at work. This, of course, is my own issue, but I have no doubt that it would be looked upon as a “career limiting move”. Sigh.

    • I had no IDEA there was a remix to this song until TODAY. I knew this song for a couple years. But ludacris really ate this beat alive…embarrassingly enough with lil Wayne on the side.

    • To extend the analogy a bit further, modern liberalism (what we should call judaeo-liberalism) is different from European liberalism the same way that rap is different from European music. Both "liberalism" and music were developed by whites in pursuit of their own glory and happiness, whereas both modern liberalism and rap music are, in effect, the celebrations of our oppressors.

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    • You’re very generous – I may see if I can impersonate Jack Nicholson singing “La Vie en Rose” during the closing credits of “Something’s Gotta Give”. I do best when I don’t really have to carry a complicated melody.

    • , "We offer our regrets." I'd like one who says, "Too bad. Shit happens." Not likely to get one who'll say that, tho.

    • Ich sagen, dass 100 % des Stroms der in den Rechner kommt wieder zu 100 % als Wärme aus den Rechner raus kommt. Und nicht Hälfte oder 2/3, wie es in der Sendung gesagt wurde.

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    • Why don’t you ask your attorney what you need to do…if you wanted to keep the house, you should have reaffirmed the debt and kept paying the mortgage.

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    • that the dj was fucking with you. I kept reading it as “you’re fucking WITH us” like he was with you. I had to read it several times til I got that he was FUCKING with you. Great read. Ur funny.Alison recently posted..

    • It would not surprise me in the least to find out that newly minted NH state representative Bruce had a hand in this…Boy, NH looks better and better, I gotta say…

    • Why do parents think they HAVE to take their kids to Disney World? Been lots of places and taken my kids to lots of places, but never been there and never intend to go. Frankly, I just don't get it.

    • Flott skap! Det var et herlig broderi:)Og for en skjønn MOA-pute under her:) Sønnen hadde rett, "typisk Moa"- enkelt,vakkert og romantisk!!!

    • Ola TAS… otima questao, eu adicionaria o que seria ser independente ? pois mesmo os paises que dizem que mandam , eles tem dependencia de outros paises !!! na verdade existe uma classe “O Grandes donos do Mundo” que nao estao enquadados em Paises….eles apenas brincam e mudam de paises conforma a necessidade…….Abracos.

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    • >Oh Lelia! You make me laugh, cry, and think all at the same time. I love your honesty regarding the Christianese comments…don’t we all do that sometimes? WHY? I am so glad to be challenged by this book, by God’s word, and by the comments and posts of everyone participating.Prayers! (real prayers!)Liz

    • Kjøpt pÃ¥ Ebay? Hjertelykten er sÃ¥ kjempeflott, har sett Rivera Maison sin,er det samme??? Og kassen og hjerteopphenget, lekkert dette og :-) Kjekt med litt fornyelse, det skapet sÃ¥ fin stemning i hverdagen….HA en fin søndag, hÃ¥per soen snart titter fren hos dere og!!!

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    • It would be nice to think so, wouldn’t it? Trouble is, I suspect that a large number of short story readers are actually short story writers, and the market does feel a bit like a Ponzi scheme at times …

    • Bonjour,Cela me donne encore plus envie de venir vous faire une petite visite ! Chose que je ferais lors de ma prochaine promenade à Paris. J’en profiterais pour m’équiper Impérativement de ces ballons transparents : ils sont attendus par les plumes du salon et mes bb les regardent avec une irrésistible envie de les machouiller, ces plumes colorées ! Merci merci……

    • Yes, that all sounds completely familiar. I don’t usually feel effects after eating mango and banana unless they’re dried. Then it’s like straight candy. Thanks for your encouragement, Gillian. I can’t wait to read your thoughts about what you’ve been going through.

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    • Nobody accused Andy…remember, even if we get out of this mess unscathed the reality is we are all horribly positioned from a risk management standpoint…that’s a fair criticism regardless of the outcome and Andy would acknowledge that as well…that’s a lesson learnt for all of us

    • Hey, but it’s such an awesome video! Hyeon and I were too amazed for words! haha Also, thanks for inviting us – it was great seeing you guys too

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    • the queen of spelling errors."Don't worry, hon. We won't be denouncing you any time soon"I'll try to hold back the tears, Kylie. Which isn't hard because I admit to not being smart and thus, undeserving of your denunciations. I am merely a student of science, trying desperately, often unsuccesfully, to wrap my head around the convolutions of human biodiversity. That is my purpose here–I wish not to achieve the rank of stupid.At best I can become a scientist or a quant, like you guys.

    • Und Du gräbst natürlich im Restaurant keine fremden Taiwanesinnen an, sondern lässt Dir ganz relaxt Sh.s Geschäftsideen erläutern. :-) Hast Du ihr eigtl. schon erzählt, dass der Gründer von IKEA ein sehr gerissener Geschäftsmann ist, und dass man sehr viel von ihm lernen kann?

    • Mike is my most prolific commenter and will reap the rewards with this blog-within-a-blog. Since I don’t want anyone to miss his ingenuity, I’m reposting his comments on “his” blog. ENJOY!

    • Thanks for visiting Onelifethislife! I am do glad you did. I love your about page. I felt the same as you did a few months ago. Shedding the layers of life is necessary, however painful. Welcome to your new life!!! I wish you the best on your journey!

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    • You're the first person to convince me that a midi length can be flattering – another fabulous 70's dress! I love the lace up boots too. Your DIY skills never fail to inspire and amaze me! Best wishes for the moggy's recovery.

    • Great post girl! I love it. I would never think to put art on the outside of the bookshelf. I will have to keep that one in mind. And great idea about the facebook status! I may have to try that one out.Sharing this with the world : )

    • Caro Gílson, chego a pensar que tais costumes são restritos aos fundamentalistas, aqueles que existem em qualquer religião.O que me leva às vezes à generalização é o fato de Israel se auto-intitular “Um Estado Judeu”. Como são esses ortodoxos que modelam o “Estado judeu”, aí começam minhas dúvidas.[]

    • There are many places in America that are still taking a really big hit on the real estate market. When I lived in Denver it was great out there! People were moving from all over the US just to live there because the homes were affordable but they a job market to go with it!

    • are assuming the BC isn't forged.Also, the little scribbles by the fields indicate otherwise as well as they shouldn't be on an odd numbered BC.Either way, Obots always come up with big "ifs" to explain away all thee anomolies, but never want to see the original.

    • The WSJ reported recently that Medicare fraud is estimated at >$200 billion per year. If that is true, then a good percentage of the cost of health care for all could be financed by better administrative systems.

    • gostaria de receber mais informações de quando vai ser abertas as inscrições, matricula; se quem ja é graduado em outros cursos tem dispensa de disciplinas, valor do curso e a cidade onde será oferecido o curso

    • The app is approved!!!! Downloaded and using it now! Thanks CE and Merry Christmas!(The only problem, and the one thing I’d like to see changed is that the app has a 17+ rating, so you have to allow access to 17+ apps to be able to use it; something I’d prefer not to do. But still, it’s great!)

    • I was sooooo nervous when my dad met my future in-laws. I thought it was going to be the most awkward dinner ever :SIt turned out to be okay. My mother-in-law is really quiet but my father-in-law is quite outgoing. Plus he and my dad are both accountants, so they had some common ground.

    • Hey Sarah – I don’t get those questions either and that’s the thing, if I think about those I know who are stuck at home and wishing they had made other decisions in life (which they easily could do now!), I am even more motivated to continue living this way.

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    • Well, if I was a Neanderthal female, I wouldn’t mind being her….she certainly looks and feels like she can take care of herself…..she would probably have her own cave and do her own hunting! She was an emancipated neanderthal in my opinion.

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    • That thing about letting it be called a tax at all has been peeving me right off all along. Talk about allowing your enemy to frame the terms of the debate. That bit of nonsense worked so well they’ve even started trying to do the same with the pokie legislation, trying to call it a pokie tax. Absurdity!

    • People who are ‘anti-gay’ have two major points on their side;1) Sexually active Gay men have seven times the incidence of STDs as the general population.And2) swine like this Boston Mayor are constantly trying to force eveybody to accept the PC attitude towards homosexuality.i hope that the approval of his PC constituants is worth the damage he has done to the progress of tolerance to him. No, wait a minute. No I don’t. I hope his pandering comes back and bites his ass as quickly as possible.

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    • As Lord Curzon remarks, a Bill of Rights is an essential underpinning for a civilized society. The Korean statute is a dreadful example of the evils of ‘democracy’… what Korea needs is a representative republic, not a mob democracy!

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    • me too lips. So I now have three pieces of paper to get, going to cost me over a 100 to get those also I figure! We should all get copy's of the marriage license with that first fee, but no, they want more to get a copy of it! BS..

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    • My train of thought usually goes something like this:”Holy crap! It’s 8:45 and he’s still sleeping? Is he dead? Well, I’ll give it another 30 minutes and THEN I’ll go check. I’m sure he’s fine…”God, I’m such a BAD mom.

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